I loved Mazrachoo, including for its silence. Still, even a picture of Mazrachoo throws me into that space.

Peace and silence are endless pleasures. Silence is not silence. It is dynamics. We look at ourselves in silence and listen to ourselves. Our whole being moves and what we have gone through passes in front of us. It is in silence that the absent present “I” sits and sits in front of us. Our world is shaking and there is no other way for us to have this dynamics.
When we get along with ourselves, the silence around us comes into play.
It is in silence that we think to ourselves and watch that “I” in the face of others. The observer and the observe are one. Silence is not stillness, it is not loneliness. Silence is dynamics as long as we do not sacrifice that “I” and invite it to our silence.
There is a movement in silence and you will not become a prophet until you are not “silent”.

Masoud Najah – December 2020