Welcome to Mazrachoo ecolodge. This over 300 years old ecolodge belongs to Safavid period and is situated in Banifatemi Hosseinabad Farm in “Laay Siah” Region. According to the local dialect, “mazra” means “mazra’eh” (farm) and the suffix “choo” indicates “koochak” (small).

We are honored to be your host in this ecolodge. During the time you stay in the castle, we will welcome you with the products of the villagers residing in the castle, and at the end, you will have a great deal of lean experience and we will be waiting for you in the coming trips.

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We are honored to be your host in this ecolodge

  • Mazrachoo Ecolodge, Hosseinabad Banifatemi Village next to Foudaz, to Oushn Road, 25km to Naein, Esfahan-Naein Highway
  • 03146230390
  • 09134329968
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